I lost 23 kilos!

23 KilosWe share our client’s 3 1/2 stone weight loss success.

We love hearing your feedback about our food and how we’ve helped you. We wanted to share one of our many success stories from one our clients, right in time to inspire your summer body.

“I have always carried too much weight and having a sedentary job in the City with long hours I have always made the excuse that I don’t have time to go to the gym. I am 5ft 10 and last summer I hit 16st 8lbs – with mine and my wife’s second child on the way I needed to do something. I tried various meal delivery services but once I started on the Pure Package I have never looked back.

The food is delicious and substantial (especially breakfast) and as it is delivered every day its super fresh. The flexibility to pick and choose which days to take deliveries means I can still have my client lunches when required and family meals on the weekends.

Without significantly increasing my levels of exercise I have lost nearly 3 1/2 stone which has literally changed my life, increased my energy levels and the only downside is having to buy a totally new wardrobe! I will continue to use Pure Package as part of my diet going forward for at least a few days a week”.

-JM, Stockbroker.