An Interview with Mary Katrantzou

Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou, famous for dressing Kiera Knightley, sits down with us to discuss favourite dishes, guilty pleasures and fellow designers.

1. What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

Caramel frappuccino’s.

2. We know that when you are busy coming up to a catwalk show you have used The Pure Package but when you are not having our deliveries, what do you do to keep energised whilst on your feet all day?  

I’m always so busy – my life feels like it’s constantly moving at 90mph so I do succumb to coffee throughout the day, though I have limited myself! During the show you’re running on an entirely different body clock so any routine tends to go out of the window!

3. If you were not a fashion designer, what do you think you would be doing? 

Originally fashion was never on the cards, it was something I fell into along the way. I started studying Architecture over at Rhode Island School of Design but the fit wasn’t quite right; I was more concerned with fabrication and prints so when the opportunity presented itself to move to Central Saint Martins I took the plunge into the unknown!

4. Who inspires you?

Pierre Cardin, Schiaparelli, Dali – they’re all such iconic designers whose work will always continue to inspire.

5. What foods do you love? 

I love a poached salmon and black rice salad, delicious! I also love a hummus and chorizo sandwich on multi-seed bread.

6. Do you have a favourite quote or saying?

If something’s easy then it’s not worth doing.