Jennifer’s Corner – Training Whilst Pregnant

Jennifer compares becoming a new mum with running a marathon and believes that one should continue to exercise throughout pregnancy to make sure you stay at your healthiest. Pregnancy is certainly not a time to take up a new sport and it’s certainly not an excuse to spend 9 months on the sofa (unless your doctor says so). Currently on her fourth pregnancy, Jennifer shares her fitness tips.baby1


I have always trained throughout my pregnancies and this time has been no different. In order for me to stay healthy, it’s important for me to keep active so I make sure that exercise is still part of my routine. I love to cycle, swim and work out but don’t take on new challenges! I never work out to exhaustion and as a rule of thumb and I never start a new form of exercise when I’m pregnant – I stick to what I know. I also incorporate more treats into my regime and make sure I take care of myself with messages and spa trips.  From my experience, continuing to exercise keeps your spirits up and means you are fit for labour – labour was called that for good reason!