Be inspired by personal trainer Anna Bartlett

Are you inspired by your personal trainer? We speak with Anna Bartlett, avid runner and personal trainer, to kick start your summer work out inspiration.

1. What initially got you interested in personal training?
I played sports from a young age and developed from doing those sports into coaching them. I loved being able to train people and getting results within the games and competitions gave me a real sense of reward. So from that I trained to be a Personal Trainer and went into one-to-one sessions.

2. What are the secrets of staying super motivated?
Always have a goal in mind. It can be completely different each time, so once you’ve achieved that 5km run make sure you enter into another race. Small goals make a big difference as they are achievable!

3. We believe that good planning is the way to a hot and healthy body. What exercise routine do you use?
I am an avid runner. (I just completed London Marathon). I love being able to run out of my front door and let the world go! I also do Bikram Yoga 3 times a week and you can’t beat HIIT training. That gives me a real buzz. Variety is key!!!

4. If you could only do one form of exercise, what would it be?
It would have to be the running!

5. What diet do you advocate?
My diet is fairly balanced…. I believe if you live a healthy lifestyle then there is no such thing as a diet! I love fresh fish and salads but you won’t see me turning away chocolate! The Pure Package has such an amazing menu, it’s just easy eating instead of a diet to me. Makes life easier!

6. What’s your ‘go to’ ingredient when you are looking to give your body a boost?
I would always have a super green juice. The more green veg in there the better. They make you feel like you’ve taken in everything clean. Sets me up for the day and it’s a great afternoon awakener without reaching for the naughties!