Jennifer’s Corner – Training with Matt Roberts

Our founder, Jennifer Irvine gives us an insight into her New Year’s Resolution: get fit for 2014 with Industry Experts, Matt Roberts personal training.  Matt Roberts, London are offering all Pure Package clients an exclusive 20% discount. 


Happy New Year! It’s the time of year when we make those ‘healthier’ resolutions that we intend to stick with…but they can prove to be so unrealistic. They become a slog and we slowly (or quickly!) give up. For me, it’s really important that I enjoy my New Year’s goals to make sure I’m still on top of them this time next year. I make sure I take the time to set realistic targets – as I know I won’t be in the gym five days a week. Instead, I take small, achievable steps to ensure that my target stays in sight and I pick just a couple of resolutions – if I pick lots at one time I’ll end up in a frenzy!

One of my New Year goals for 2014 is to continue my training. Matt Roberts, London have four fantastic gyms (City, Chelsea, Hampstead & Mayfair). I have taken time to train at each of their different locations and I can report back; they’re all fantastic! Will this be the year that you get fit? Matt Roberts really are your New Year’s SOLUTION!

To make your goal approachable Matt Roberts, London are now offering all Pure Package customers a 20% discount on their first course of 25 one-to-one personal training sessions!   


*For more information or call 0207 626 0888. To redeem the offer quote PP2014. Offer expires 28 February 2014