Jennifer’s Corner – Warm things up

Our founder, Jennifer Irvine welcomes autumn with open arms. Jennifer gives us her tips and tricks to decorating the home this season.

I welcome autumn with open arms. There’s nothing like indulging in fresh seasonal produce (I make a mean apple crumble), taking long walks in the park and kicking around in the colourful leaves whilst picking conkers. As the days draw to an end much quicker, it gives me every excuse to cosy up inside my home so I love bringing the warm colours of autumn inside. I believe it’s key to give open, elevated spaces a snug and welcoming feeling, swapping lightweight summer fabrics for velvet rich tones, which will accommodate both your dining room and kitchen wonderfully.

Apple Wreath

Apple Wreath

Celebrate autumn’s abundance of delicious apples by creating this fantastic seasonal decoration – a perfect addition to your door knobs. Try roasting some apple slices and stringing them along on a piece of ribbon. This will not only add a splash of colour to your room, but your home will be filled with a fantastic aroma.

Artichoke Candleholders

Artichoke Candle holders

Elegantly scatter seasonal vegetables

Elegantly scatter seasonal vegetabl










My autumn is all about cooking up a feast! There’s no better way to enjoy your food than by decorating your table with relaxing, glowing candles. Elegantly scatter colourful, seasonal vegetables across your dining table to make a brilliant vegetable arrangement. Stretch two sturdy rubber bands around a white pillar candle, and then tuck green beans or asparagus under the bands. Cover the rubber bands with satin ribbon. To make an artichoke candle holder, cut the top and a bit of the center out of the artichoke. Set the candle in the hole.

Votive Apple Candles

Votive Apple Candles

I love going apple picking with my girls, but sometimes not all the apples make it into my mouth!  I create votive candles using the center of an apple. It’s a unique way to make a statement and gives your room the perfect atmosphere.