Pure, Pregnancy Pampering

When you’re pregnant your skin will change. It is important to know everything you’re putting into your body and onto your skin. It’s time to glow!

pregnancy skincareThat “pregnancy glow” which we have all heard about isn’t just an old wives tale. That facial shine actually has a biological basis! The increased volume of blood in the vessels below the skin’s surface allows your cheeks to take on an attractive blush. Pregnancy can leave some lucky ladies looking luscious!

With our gorgeous royal, Kate having supplied the nation with a lovely Prince George, baby talk has never been so prominent. More and more women understand the importance of looking after themselves, in order to look after their babies. Pamper yourself! A mother’s nutritional balance is of key importance to their baby’s health. You’ve got the fabulous baby bump but carrying and having a baby can leave you tired, lacking energy and over conscious of your shape. It can also cause damage to your skin and cause havoc with your regular beauty regime.

pregnancy + skincare

All that extra hormonal activity can leave your skin feeling dry and sensitive. This is where you should switch to a plant-based body oil, which is completely safe to apply during pregnancy. The earlier into your pregnancy you start the better. Plant–based oil has been used in Japan for hair, nails and scalp for centuries. A light oil is perfect for pregnancy massage, and helps prevent those pesky stretch marks around the abdomen and breasts. During pregnancy the skin has insufficient time to adjust and this is when stretch marks can occur. Find a formulation that is not only skin friendly but one that improves elasticity and supports and nourishes all skin conditions. Plant-based oil is easily absorbed and rich in plant collagen to help keep the skin moisturised and supple. It is an absolutely essential for mothers and mothers-to-be!

We advocate a healthy, balanced diet for you and your baby to be. It is important to eat a diet rich in antioxidants to keep you healthy, inside and out.

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