Pack a Picnic

Before we say goodbye to the British summer for another year, Pure Package founder, Jennifer Irvine, gives her twists and tips to ensure a healthy, stress-free picnic.

I adore the summer months. Most of all because of the time I can spend out in the fresh air with my girls, our friends and family. It’s wonderful to be able to relax with good weather, great company and even better food. But I know how even the best intentions can sometimes turn into a complete catastrophe! So here are some easy ideas to spice up the classic picnic, which you can of course put your own spin on!

Salad in a jar – There’s nothing worse than soggy salad leaves which ultimately get thrown away! Try making up your salad in a jar, keeping the dressing at the bottom and any vulnerable leaves at the top. Then shake it up when you’re ready to eat it.


Cupcake drinks lids – I absolutely love eating al fresco during the summer months. It has so many benefits including getting a good dose of vitamin D, but keeping those pesky bugs out of your drinks can be a nightmare! These cute lids will make sure that you’re not sharing your sweet nectar with any crawlies, and they just look so pretty!

Homemade punch – a refreshing alternative to sticky, sugary fizzy drinks is to mix fresh elderflower cordial, raspberries, cucumber and mint – thirst quenching and packed with nutrients!


Inside-out chocolate strawberries – this way there’s no worry about the chocolate falling off when you bite into them. Pop these sweet, succulent summer berries into an empty egg carton for easy filling and transportation. The perfect picnic treat!


Fruit salad skewers – this is a fantastic idea to avoid those dreaded sticky fingers and children can have fun making up their own skewers using whatever fruit they like!