Cool, cool, cool me down

Jennifer’s Corner – Our founder, Jennifer Irvine gives us her creative ice cube tricks to stay hydrated this Summer!

Summer is my all time favourite season. I love nothing more than waking up to the sun beaming through my windows. It is also the time of year when my sunkissed girls are diving in and out of the swimming pool, their golden hair hanging wet down their backs, goggles on, and cartoon armbands securely fastened. As a busy mum, it is important to have lots of quick “cool me downs” that are also a healthy alternative to providing an endless supply of ice cream. I am always in search of that refreshing, yet good-for-you snack.

I always find myself craving fresh fruit and smoothies, but it is not always convenient to whip out the blender and make one when you’re having fun in the sun. With this in mind, I stock my freezer with lots of homemade ice cubes – the perfect addition to any pool-side drink, or an easy pop-in-your-mouth sweet-like snack. These creative ice cubes are not only practical, but they have aesthetic appeal too – perfect to have on hand for hungry children or for when guests come by for a scintillating summer’s BBQ.

Here are my top 5 alternative ice cube ideas:

Edible flowers ice cubes

Edible Flowers

honey and lemon

Honey and Lemon


Fresh Mint


Fresh, whole strawberries

fruity ice cubes

Mixed Fruit – use Coconut Milk to get the layered look























Now it’s time for you to get creative! Send your alternative ice cube images into We’ll post the best ideas onto our Facebook page!