GRAZIA names us “an indispensable gourmet service”!

“The Pure Package is an indispensable gourmet service”


What Is Kate Eating?

K-Mid baby fever has reached an all-time high at Grazia HQ! She’s certainly got pregnant women nationwide looking on in envy at how well she is looking. So, what’s her secret? With more and more women understanding the importance of looking after themselves, and in order to look after their babies, a well-balanced diet has never been more vital. Carrying and having a baby can leave you tired, lacking energy and conscious of your shape- something K-Mid would never let happen! Well, fret not, mothers-to-be, as the food gurus at The Pure Package are on hand to make sure you and your baby are getting the correct supply of minerals and vitamins through an enjoyable diet, delivered daily to your doorstep. Jennifer Irvine, founder of The Pure Package, believes that convenience is key to healthy eating in modern life, making this an indispensable gourmet service for busy mothers-to-be.