Royal Name Game

In the run up to Kate’s nameless bump being born, we’ve got Royal baby fever!

Shakespeare may have had it right all along, or rather his tragic heroine, Juliet. Juliet’s infamous line rings “what’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Funnily enough, Rose has stayed on the top ten baby name’s list throughout the years, being continuously deemed a ‘new’ classic. As Shakespeare’s character implies, a name is just a name. Or is it? In the run up to Kate’s nameless bump being born, we’ve got Royal baby fever. With the whole world waiting for the name to drop, we wonder to what extent does the name you give your child affect their life? Or, is it your life that’s reflected in their name? And so the name game begins.

Kate baby bump

Chloe, for example, was ranked number one in 2003, but supposedly teachers were making all kinds of presumptions about how naughty Chloe would be in class before they’d even met her. With this in mind, Kate and Wills have to choose the right name to fit the Royal bill!

Options include:

–  A comical nod towards Adele and Elvis from the bookmakers.

– The rumour mill is circling around old, traditional names such as Charles, George, Elizabeth and Mary.

– The sentimental public are still rooting for Diana, for obvious reasons.

– But, it’s Alexandra that seems to be on everyone’s lips. This unisex name is a strong contender and not only links back to three kings of Scotland but it was also Queen Victoria’s first name. Bingo!Jasmine with crown

The top baby names for 2013 are a mixture of timeless classics, typically used amongst the monarchy such as Victoria and James; biblical names such as Ava and Noah and retro names such as Scarlett and Thomas. The traditional names look to stand firm in their consistent positions. And why wouldn’t they? The rise of the celebrity spawned an array of outlandish names. In 1971, David Bowie famously named his son Zowie (who now calls himself Duncan!) This trend became a huge phenomenon amongst fellow celebs, with Gwyneth Paltrow following a generation later with her daughter Apple. So, which path will the modern Royal couple choose?

Could you imagine Queen Apple the first? You can bet whatever they choose, it’ll rank top of our list next year and so we hope Kate makes a strong and yet fashionable choice.

The Pure Package waits – alongside the rest of the world – with baited breath!