Jennifer’s Corner

Our founder, Jennifer Irvine, gives us her insight into motherhood, her name game and… daisy the cow.


My love of food started from an early age, helped by growing up on a self-sufficient farm in West Cork, Ireland where my parents still make Milleens cheese. My parents were dairy farmers, with a herd of cows, which were left to roam around the luscious green fields, munching on four-leaf clovers (if they were lucky)! As a young girl, I loved to play the name game with my favourite cows. I was fascinated by my surroundings and started to name my animals after things I could see around me. Daisy was an obvious choice, but as I left my imagination to wander, Bluebell and Buttercup were also named. I also combined my list of names for the cows with my love of food, naming my four-legged friends Asparagus, Artichoke and Beetroot! A loving relationship with our cows was a winning formula, to this day I’m convinced it got them to produce fantastic milk and cheese.

As a mother, my name game continued, in a slightly more restrained way. I looked for beautiful and natural names for my own children, which reminded me of my childhood game. I have three beautiful daughters, Lily aged 7, Jasmine aged 5 and Rose aged 4.

Their diverse but connected names reflect their individuality and they are as different in their nature as their names suggest. My youngest, Rose, loves making strawberry sandwiches, picked fresh from our garden. Jasmine cooks apple porridge, even in the height of summer! My eldest, Lily, grew up telling people her favourite food was beetroot and goats cheese salad. I couldn’t believe how mature her young taste buds were, I was so proud of her. Alas, she’s now going through a rebellious stage and her favourite food is chips!

May my three gorgeous flowers continue to blossom.