Meet Dan Roberts – Body Sculpting Guru to the Stars

DAN ROBERTS – Personal Trainer to the stars divulges the secrets to healthy weight loss success. 

We’ve been in touch with friend and fan of The Pure Package, Dan Roberts, fitness Guru to Hollywood Stars, several Royal families, and an endless line of gorgeous bikini models – to ask him about the ins and outs of personal training and how he got to where he is today.

Q: How do you keep your clients motivated?
Oh that’s easy!  – get them results. There is nothing more motivating than that! 

Q: How long have you been a Personal Trainer for?
A: 11 years PT, but in total 19 years of coaching sports/fitness

Q: What is your fitness background?
A: I was a sports coach, turned strength & conditioning coach – (where I only worked with athletes), turned Personal Trainer. I love sports, having regularly competed in Tennis, Lacrosse, Muay Thai and Ultra Marathons. I also enjoy rock climbing and have just got into Skiing.  I like challenging my body, living healthy and I love the art of coaching.  I have the best job in the world! Dan Roberts 2

Q: What is your fitness philosophy?
My team and I believe people should love their body more, and the best way to love it is to challenge it in lots of different ways. I also like to train clients as athletes.

Q: What do you specialise in?
I’m a pretty versatile trainer. I’m a big believer in variety, so I value Pilates and Yoga just as much as Power lifting and Cage fighting. If I had to say one thing, as I’m often hired by Actresses and Fashion Models to get in shape quickly, I guess training women would be my specialty.

Q: What makes your training methods different to other Personal Trainers?
I have a great team around me that are as passionate as I am. That helps to drive my own standards up. I also have an extremely clear method which involves Athletic performance training, Yoga, Martial arts and Psychology. This has been 10 years in the making. I’ve actively tried to be the best coach I can be and offer a better service than anyone else in London.  I have dedicated a lot of time and energy into studying all over the world too. I hope the integrity to my philosophy, to customer service and to my career makes me stand out.

Q: Which has the most impact on weight loss – a healthy diet or exercise?
Nutrition in the short term has the most impact. Nutrition and exercise together in the long term.

Q: What is your view of a healthy diet?
A: Great question. Fresh, real food that grows from the ground. Everyone has different nutritional needs, however I think having a good relationship with food is often understated. Personally if I want pizza every so often I will have one. I totally appreciate and understand how as a culture we are obsessed with food and diets (I’m on the board of advisers for the charity ‘Anorexia and Bulimia Care’). Food isn’t just energy it’s something to enjoy. So a healthy diet means eating foods that support a healthy, happy and active you.

Dan Roberts 3

Q: What do you recommend your clients eat after a workout?
Post workout nutrition is fundamental as your body needs protein and carbs to recover. I’d recommend eating something fresh and organic salad such as a tuna & mixed bean salad, which has a good balance of both protein and carbohydrates (and is very quick and easy to throw together).

Q: How do you stay in shape?
I prefer playing sports more than hanging out in gyms.

Q: You are currently training astronaut Dmitry Tokarev to prepare him for his 2014 space expedition. How does his training and diet differ from, for example, an actor getting into shape for a film?
It’s actually quite similar. The job is secondary to the person. So, we assess the individual, see what he or she needs, put a training programme together and then get on with our job! My team looks after Dmitri, rather than myself directly.

Q: Is there anyone else you are training directly that might interest our customers?
A: There are a few actually. Alex (below) the 2012 world champion Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has just employed me to be his nutrition, exercise and mental conditioning coach for the next year. This is very exciting. I love working with athletes and to have complete control over their nutrition, training and psychological preparation.  It means I can really make him the perfect fighter.

Dan Roberts 4

In addition, my contract with TESS Management (one of Europe’s leading model agencies) means every day I work with some amazingly talented and successful fashion models. All the ladies I work with have very short deadlines and are incredibly focused, but are often very new to exercise.  I enjoy the challenge of making exercise fun while optimising aesthetic results.

TESS Management

Q: How many times per week do you train your clients?
For my clients, usually every day or twice per day. The clients I get given or come to me are often on a tight time schedule, for example the Actors I work with have a couple of months to get into shape before filming begins. I also run luxurious fitness holidays abroad for private clients where we do 7 hours per day. Having said this, my trainers working for me have more regular clients of 2-3 times per week.

Dan Roberts 6

Q: Where are you located?
I use various private studios all over London and I have a new outdoor-based Personal Training company too which is in London for now but is expanding nationally in 2014 ( We also run fitness holidays in Miami, LA and St Tropez (

Q: Can you recommend a few effective exercises to help get rid of stubborn tummy fat?
If you want to reduce tummy fat get your eating right first. Fat is often stored in the tummy, but that definitely does not mean the best way to get rid of it is to exercise the tummy. The best approach is by turning your body into a better fat burning machine. Getting fit and getting fit quickly is the way forward. Whole body weight training moves such as lunges and squats, deadlifts and press ups are perfect for you regardless of your sex or athletic skill.  In terms of cardio, do interval training.

Kickboxing and dancing are fantastic fat burning activities. In addition, just being active, walking around and playing with your kids or going on bike

rides all adds up. Being fit and slim is a lifestyle choice.  Losing weight can be tough though, so motivation is key.

Q: How do we get in touch
A: Please see – this is my main website for people that wish to hire me.

Also, if you want to say hello on facebook, please visit  Or @TeamDanRoberts on twitter. Dan is always happy to answer.