Ditching Heels for Hills

Jennifer Irvine treks the jungles of Costa Rica & survives to tell the tale.

 Jenny Costa RicaWith one in five young people in the UK not in work, training or education, the work of The Prince’s Trust is more vital than ever and it is a charity I am very proud to support.  As an entrepreneur, I am determined to encourage entrepreneurship and shout about the possibilities that are out there for young people.

When I was first asked to join The Princes Trust Woman’s leadership team I wanted to make sure I could raise as much money as possible to help this charity and I was determined to find fun ways to spice up the fundraising.  I decided to set up a pop-up cookery school in my tree house where I taught and demonstrated a four course meal all from The Diet for Food Lovers recipe book. Not only did I teach lots of lovely women yummy, new and healthy recipes to make at home, we also had a blast.  I also decided to throw a fun filled Quiz night; it was a stunning evening so we held it in the garden where I tested the general knowledge of my tipsy friends who so generously donated to the cause.  I was amazed at the creative ways the group fundraised and how generous people really are.  As a group we managed to raise close to £100,000 thanks to lots of fun evenings and the support of amazing friends and family.

Being a mother to three extraordinarily energetic young girls, and the founder of multiple busy companies I thought a trek through Costa Rica would be a welcome break.  I thought this sponsored trek would be a physical challenge and with no Wi-Fi in the jungle I also thought it my perfect chance to walk, unwind and enjoy nature – boy was I mistaken!  It was the toughest ever challenge, 100km trekking through the Costa Rican jungle facing gigantic ants, hairy tarantulas, poisonous snakes and mud up to my knees. Having never seen so much mud in my life, arriving home to dry underwear and a shower felt like I had arrived at the Ritz, it was all over but well worth every step of the journey.

princes trust logo

As tough as my journey was, the work of The Prince’s Trust is so important and I am honoured to be part of an amazing group of women who are truly making a difference.  The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that is changing young lives; they provide practical and financial support by helping young people develop confidence, skills and the motivation to go in to jobs, training and education.