‘I lost just over 1 stone in 30 days’

“I can honestly say, Pure Package is the only diet which really works, and I have tried almost every one under the sun.”

The first time I signed up for 30 days I lost just over 1 stone without any problems, enjoying delicious meals and not feeling hungry at all.

My skin seemed to glow after a week, my nails improved and my hair became much shinier. Overall I looked much healthier and felt extremely energetic.

Now I keep coming back whenever I need to loose a few pounds.

Pure Package re-educates my eating habits and re-adjusts my portion control, which has always been one of my main weaknesses. It does what is says on the tin!”

-Claudia Grotkamp, Director of Interior Studios London

  • Thomas Rejmak

    The healthy weigh loss should be no more than one kilogram a week. The number of studies showed that people who loose weigh quicker deprive their buddies from important nutritions and much mire likely to put weight back again! The healthy weigh loss should be due to healthy diet as well as exercises!