says our Festive Fit programme is ‘every bit as delicious as it sounds!’’s, Rachel David, trials our Festive Fit programme and confirms that being on The Pure Package Diet is just like ‘Christmas come early.’

The Pure Package Diet: Christmas comes early
by Rachel David

The above phrase may be overused these days but it certainly applies in this case. I trialled the luxurious and healthy delivery diet from The Pure Package – favoured by a host of celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, Alexandra Burke and Lily Cole– and it’s something I’ve been missing every day since.

Designed to deliver delicious and healthy food to those rushed off their feet and in need of serious nutrition, The Pure Package offers a varied daily gourmet menu, which consists of three main meals and two snacks.

The process starts with an initial consultation over the phone, at which point you can make it clear if there are any ingredients you don’t like or wish to be included (in my case, dried fruit. What? I’m just a bit fussy, okay? ).

Once you’ve passed on your address and details, they’ll arrange for the luxury hamper to be delivered on your doorstep between the hours of 12am and 6am everyday. See? It’s actual Santa.

Stored in an airtight coolbag filled with layers of ice sheets, the food is perfectly maintained – and remained cool for a whole day until I was ready for the dinner.

Like a child (okay, I still do it now) delving into my Christmas stocking, I found myself feeling incredibly excited by the arrival of a new bag packed with goodies each day.

My diet kick-started with rye bread and nut butter spread for breakfast, a beef and beetroot salad for lunch that I’m still lusting after now, a peanut and pumpkin curry for dinner and nachos and yoghurt for my snacks.

With generous portions and good ingredients, I wasn’t left with a rumbling tummy, nor any desire to stock up on junk food. The meals, which are freshly prepared each day, were more than enough to satisfy me – some days I didn’t even eat all of my snacks, and that’s really not like me.

As the week went on I was treated to an even wider selection of healthy goods, including a wholesome cooked breakfast, fragrant fish with rice and a feta cheese and lentil salad.D.Punk.Curr

And it was every bit as delicious as it sounds!

I’ve definitely learned that it’s all about what you eat and not how much. The portions were on the large side but all healthy and rich in flavour.

With so many ingredients on the plate each time, it was all food I never would’ve thought about making myself. But now I know such a mix of components can really satisfy you, I’m definitely trying to be more adventurous with my own food preparation.

The really great thing about The Pure Package, though, is how easy it was to go to work and not have to think about what to grab for breakfast on my way out of the door, or ringing the boyfriend to see who had more time to get the dinner in. It was all there ready and waiting for me, my own little chef. Hidden away somewhere in a red and white suit, I suspect.