Feeling Tired and Unproductive at Work? Take a Look at Your Diet!

ITV1’s Tonight Show proves how eating healthy, balanced food throughout the day can help improve your energy levels and work performance – no sugar or caffeine required!

During the week our lives are dictated by work. Time is precious and convenience has become a necessity for many. When hunger calls there is a multitude of cafes and shops selling ready prepared sandwiches, hot meals, snacks etc. The choice is endless. We grab whatever appeals, sometimes taking note of the nutritional value, assuming we’re making a healthy selection, then head back to the office, to eat at our desks, and continue working. For many of us, come afternoon time we’re feeling tired and unproductive. Our mid-afternoon energy slump is addressed with a caffeine fix and/ or sugary snack and we count down the hours until the end of the day.

In a recent ITV1 broadcast, the Tonight show made a case study of 6 office workers where they compared their energy levels in the afternoon after they ate their usual lunch, to how they felt after eating a healthy lunch provided by us, The Pure Package. The general consensus on their usual diet was that they felt tired, unfocused, unmotivated and therefore less productive, however, after eating our healthy lunches and snacks for three days their observations were dramatically different. Their energy levels had improved; they felt clearheaded, more motivated and more able to tackle an afternoon of work than they had before.

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

It is evident that diet plays a key role in increasing your energy levels and helping you to be more productive at work, which will naturally help you succeed and climb that career ladder. After the summer we all find it difficult to get back into the healthy swing of things. If you need some help with your diet dilemma The Pure Package is the perfect solution.