Metro’s Kylie Martin loses 6.8kg on our Post-Baby Programme

‘I was never hungry… the food and service was consistently excellent… I lost a lot of weight, effortlessly, and it changed the way I eat.’


I love cooking so the thought of a ready meal diet filled me with dread. But overweight and time poor, The Pure Package’s ‘gourmet’ post-baby diet offered me hope. My calorie intake was cut by more than 500 to 1,500. It seemed quite a drop, but I was never hungry. Each night, a cool bag with my ‘perfectly balanced’ day’s food was left on my doorstep. The meals were interesting, ingredients top notch (ethical and GM free), easy to

heat and portions generous. Breakfasts included yoghurt, fruit, muesli, rye bread, nut butter and eggs. I didn’t eat the same lunch or dinner twice. Lunch was cold, so easily transportable. Dishes included beef pesto with watercress salad, and teriyaki chicken. A typical dinner was pumpkin and peanut curry, or spiced Kingfish with black beans. The diet is designed to avoid energy dips, so you get two snacks (more if you’re breastfeeding). As well as seeds and fruit, there were chocolate mousses and gluten-free cakes. At first I loved the ‘what will it be today?’ excitement. The novelty faded but the food and service was consistently excellent. The consultants checked in regularly and were supportive. The diet isn’t cheap but you get your money’s worth. I lost a lot of weight, effortlessly, and it changed the way I eat. Now I eat better, having smaller portions and am full of energy. Total weight lost: 6.8kg. Kylie Martin, The Metro