The Importance of Eating Breakfast

This recipe is a delicious, healthy and wheat-free alternative to a standard pancake recipe. We use oats in our pancake mix instead of normal plain flour, as oats give you a steady energy supply (great for breakfast) and help keep you fuller for longer.

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Breakfast, for most of us, was part of our morning routine when we were younger. For some reason, once we reach adulthood, it is something that loses significance and we choose to kick start our day with a cup of caffeine or nothing at all, believing that that alone will be substantial enough to help us attack the day effectively and efficiently or even help us to lose weight. We couldn’t be more mistaken!

Our bodies rely on glucose as its primary fuel, which is vital for providing energy for the physical activities of the day and for brain function. Skipping breakfast will result in a lack of concentration, cause us to be less alert, have low blood sugar levels, energy dips and decreased productivity.

Breakfast and Weight Loss

There’s a common misconception that skipping breakfast will aid weight loss. This is not true. Your blood sugar levels are low when you wake up, after not eating during the night. Breakfast provides the necessary glucose to help you start your day, it curbs hunger and stops you reaching for quick-fix sugary snacks and stimulants mid-morning, or overeating later on in the day. It also helps boost your metabolism. This is the amount of energy or calories your body burns to maintain vital functions. So, by increasing your metabolism you will be burning off more calories which will help you to lose weight.

It’s good to add variety to your breakfasts and to have something delicious to look forward to every morning. A healthy breakfast should always contain good sources of protein and carbohydrate. Protein can come from eggs, yoghurt, nuts, fish or lean meat and carbohydrate from whole grains and fruits.

Image from The Pure Package: The DIET for FOOD LOVERS, by Jennifer Irvine

Our recipe book, The DIET for FOOD LOVERS has a number of delicious breakfast recipes to make which will help you kick start your day. Try one of these yummy ideas:

  • Poached Eggs with Spinach & Feta Cheese – Eggs are a great all-round provider of goodness and are so versatile.
  • Granola Muesli – home-made muesli is a must for many reasons. Not only can you control what ingredients you use, but you can also make sure your muesli is an essential source of essential fats. Most shop-bought muesli is laden with dried fruit and any nuts & seeds which are roasted (which destroys their essential fats) – making it high in calories and lacking in nutrients.
  • Apple & Blackberry Porridge – No longer will porridge have the reputation for being like a wallpaper paste. Jazz it up with blackberries to transform it into a lovely, flavourful breakfast. The protein from the milk combined with the complex carbs in the oats will make you feel fuller for longer.

From The Pure Package: The DIET for FOOD LOVERS, by Jennifer Irvine. Available from all leading bookstores and online from Amazon.