Make A Fresh Start With A Healthy & Active Holiday

Read our guest blog from luxury spa holiday providers, Essential Escapes, about how your dream escape can be a healthy and active one too.

There’s nothing like the thought of our bikinis to spur us into healthier eating habits. Ironically, there’s nothing like a holiday for piling the weight back on! The relaxing atmosphere of a sun drenched resort does little to encourage healthy eating, and all too often we return from holiday to find ourselves feeling sluggish and with waistbands that little bit tighter.

But does it have to be that way? How about a holiday that inspires you to a healthier diet and lifestyle? One that transforms the way you look and feel, so that you return a slimmer, more zestful you? This inspiring thought is behind the trend for transformative holidays, to pep you up in more ways than you could imagine.

At Essential Escapes we find people are looking to their holiday to direct a little TLC back to themselves. Our busy lives mean that it can be hard to put time aside to focus on our own wellbeing. A healthy holiday can be a great way to reset the body, learn a new approach and develop some good habits to bring home.

On most people’s wish list is a desire to dine deliciously on holiday without breaking the scales on their return, which has led to the rise of specialist hotels reinventing what we think of fine dining. Here, the gastronomy has to taste sensational whilst being true to the highest nutritional standards. There are diet consultants on hand to help you make informed choices to achieve your goals, and to point you towards suitable menus. A programme of therapeutic spa treatments complements the cuisine for the best results. Add in a host of activities in the sunny outdoors, and it’s easy to see how you can return refreshed and renewed.

If willpower is your weak point, then a surprising new approach is yielding impressive results. Try a holiday where experienced practitioners will hypnotise you into believing that you have had a gastric band fitted. The team will re-educate you about healthy eating, and reinforce these messages with effective hypnotherapy (but strictly no actual surgery). In this way, the effects of the holiday will last long afterwards, with healthy eating habits adopted for life. The before and after photos are eye-popping!

Any fan of the Pure Package will know that the drastic detoxes of the past are not the best way to establish a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, it is possible to detox deliciously on your holiday, without an assault on your body. Many spa hotels now take a more gentle approach, making use of local, fresh ingredients in their menus, backed up by massages, scrubs and infrared saunas. The beautiful beachside settings are an added bonus!

A holiday in the sunshine offers many simple, pleasurable ways to keep in trim, such as a run along the beach, with the soft sand cushioning the impact on the body. Swimming in the sea or pool is another low impact way to rediscover muscle tone that you thought was long gone. For a more focused approach, you could try a specialist retreat, offering tuition in yoga, Pilates or tai chi. This allows you to combine beachside lazing with some gentle progress towards your goals. Or you can make the most of your restored energy at a bootcamp or hone your skills on a specialist tennis weekend .

The team at Essential Escapes has advised clients on a whole range of requests, with their needs and requirements being as varied as the individuals concerned. But whether they have major weight loss goals or just want to tone up in style, somewhere in the sunshine there’s a spa retreat that’s perfect for them. May the holiday bikini never strike such fear into us again!

Continue your healthy eating focus at home after your holiday by scheduling your Pure Package programme to start when you return. Healthy eating could not be simpler!