It’s Now En Vogue to Smile!

Read our behind-the-scenes coverage of London Fashion Week plus how the current trend is for models to appear happy!

If you have recently picked up a copy of Vogue, Vanity Fair or Tatler, amongst other fashion magazines, you might have noticed a new trend – they feature smiling models on the front cover.

Arizona Muse on the cover of Vogue magazine

This new cheerful phenomenon has even extended to the catwalks. From the 50s to the 80s smiling models were a frequent sight. It was the 90s that popularised the trend for the severe, sullen look but the model industry has recently had a lot to make up for due to its previous reliance on too young, too thin and unhealthy models. The current trend is to feature healthy, happy and more grown-up models which we hope will last for some time to come.

Talking to the Guardian newspaper, Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, said: Smiling – doesn’t cost anything? Does it? There’s so much bad news around. I imagine a lot of people have thought similarly, that anything you can do to dispel the glums is welcome.’

In February the fashion capitals of the world are a hive of excitement and nervous energy where the top fashion designers showcase their respective Autumn/ Winter collections in their respective fashion week catwalk events. The models rush from one show to the next and from one country to the next, where they are starved for time to relax between shows or follow a sensible and healthy eating diet.

This busy and stressful period is not conducive to maintaining good health and consistent energy levels, which can leave the models feeling exhausted and drained. We have been privileged to be invited to London Fashion Week over the past few years to help address this issue at numerous shows, by providing delicious and nutritious Pure Package food for the models, hairstylists and make-up artists.

Temperley London Show – London Fashion Week 2012

On Saturday 18th February we were honoured to be invited to take care of the food for the models and backstage crew at Temperley London’s show at One Great George Street. The food was much appreciated by all and a number of comments were made by models and backstage crew alike about how the food provided was their first substantial meal for the day.

“I want to thank The Pure Package for looking after me in the run up to our show, and fuelling our models backstage. My fridge has never been so full of delicious food. Looking forward to seeing you next season!” Alice Temperley

“The Pure Package acts like my mother during the run up to LFW, ensuring I have my daily intake of five fruit and vegetables, plus maintaining a healthy diet. Having had a taste for The Pure Package over the past 2 seasons, I could not live without it now…” Terry Hart, Head of Fashion, My Beautiful City

Designer Alice Temperley and founder of The Pure Package, Jennifer Irvine

Jennifer Irvine and everyone at The Pure Package hopes this involvement will further encourage the current trend towards healthy and sustainable weight loss and weight maintenance. We are continually working with the London Fashion Council which signifies the positive changes being made in an industry that is renowned for unhealthy, size zero models appearing on the catwalk.