A New Year Internal Make-over

Many of us can admit to indulging in the ever-present supply of rich food and drink available over the festive period, leaving us feeling sluggish at the start of the New Year. We have a few healthy tips on what to eat and what to cut out to help your body recover.

Your liver is a key area in developing and achieving good health and well-being. Its ability to function, rebuild and repair itself is absolutely dependent on the quality of the food you eat, and what you drink. By combining ideal portions of nutrient rich fruit & vegetables, protein and carbohydrates you will be able to flush out stored toxins and help improve your general health, brain function and energy levels.

When you choose to do an internal cleanse, follow a healthy eating programme and don’t severely restrict what you eat as this will leave you feeling tired and will limit the intake of important nutrients you need for good health. Try to cut down on coffee and caffeinated tea, alcohol, refined foods (such as white rice and pasta) and foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt. Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and drinking plenty of water, can be highly beneficial. If you want to maintain peak health, the best approach is a balanced diet, with at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, wholegrain cereals, lean meat, fish and alternatives, and low-fat dairy products. The liver is your internal detox organ and the body will naturally cleanse itself if you give it a chance.

Should you cut out wheat and dairy?
The reasons you might choose to eliminate wheat and dairy could be due to a possible intolerance (feeling bloated or sluggish may be warning signs) or a medical condition such as celiac disease. Use this detox and cleanse period to try different types of foods that will add variety to your diet and provide you with a broader range of nutrients. In place of dairy, why not try almond, soya or rice milk; soya, goat’s or sheep’s milk yoghurts, as well as goat or sheep’s cheese. For wheat, try spelt pasta, German ‘pumpernickel’ rye bread, oatcakes, rice cakes, pearl barley in soups or tabbouleh-style salad dishes. These are all delicious and nutritious alternatives to what we consider the norm.

Should you cut out meat?
You don’t need to exclude meat, but choose lean proteins like chicken, fish, tofu and pulses to give you a varied diet. If it’s an option, choose organic meat where possible as it’s more likely to have been raised without drugs or chemicals.

Should you exercise?
Most definitely! Any physical activity (such as walking whenever you can and taking the stairs) and regular exercise (where you increase your heart rate by doing some form of sport 3-5 times a week) are essential to help your body function efficiently. Yoga is also beneficial – many yoga postures are thought to cleanse and tone the internal organs, while the breathing and meditation techniques you learn will help to de-clutter your mind.

If this sounds far too much like hard work, The Pure Package can of course help you kick-start your New Year on a healthy note. Choose from our variety of programmes to help you achieve your weight loss, healthy eating or detox and cleanse goals, safe in the knowledge that all your nutritional needs are taken care of.