‘A Genuinely Delicious, Calorie-Controlled Menu’

Read Time Out Editors, Katie Dailey and Zena Alkayats’, comments about our Fabulous Figure Programme, perfect for helping you to lose weight.

‘It’s hard to stick to a diet of watercress when there’s a fridgeful of Christmas Pudding making eyes at you. Take your food choices out of your own irresponsible hands with The Pure Package’s healthy eating plan. This prepared food delivery company has a range of menus for different goals, from post-natal weight loss to detox and cleanse packages for those who’ve had a surfeit of the bad stuff. For January, they have devised a straightforward pound-shedding programme that is surprisingly palatable. In our first package, we were delighted to find fresh filling plates of salmon, pesto chicken and baba ganoush with oatcakes to snack on (and to help testers avoid hitting the last few Celebrations at the bottom of the box at 3pm). Sign up to the Fabulous Figure Programme and a genuinely delicious, calorie-controlled menu is delivered to your door each morning, meaning you don’t even need to open the fridge – and certainly not the biscuit tin.’

Extract from Time Out London – January 5th -11th 2012