Blackberry Skin Toner

The other type of Blackberry (the one that doesn’t let us work on the train) can work wonders for our skin. Pick your own blackberries, make a blackberry and apple crumble, and use the leaves to make this 100% natural toner.

Blackberries have astringent properties, are high in tannins (great for tightening skin tissue) and are rich in the antioxidants vitamin C & E, helpful for brightening dull skin.

This toner is great for combination skin types and as an after-shave lotion.

Put 3g of blackberry leaves into a bowl and pour over 50ml of boiling spring water. Leave to infuse for 20 minutes. Strain and leave to cool. Add a drop of rose or sandalwood essential oil to a dark glass bottle, add 3ml of cider vinegar and shake. Finally add the blackberry infusion. Shake again and store in the fridge.

  • Emilia Radow Ingvarson

    Blackberry Crumble is an absolute favourite of mine! That is something I must make in the next few days. Thanks for reminding me! Emilia at