The Pure Package recipe book we’ve all been waiting for!

You’ll be pleased to hear that Jennifer Irvine, The Pure Package founder, has finally created a recipe book of our delicious recipes and healthy secrets, which is now available for sale.

The demand for our service has grown beyond all our expectations, and time and time again we have been asked by our clients to create a book of our precious recipes. After much anticipation we can finally reveal that The Pure Package: The DIET for FOOD LOVERS, our very own recipe book, has finally been created and is now available to buy.

“Even our most loyal clients have times when their life slows down a little, or they are on holiday, and we are often asked for a recipe book which will help them to continue this level of wellbeing when they are cooking for themselves. And then there are the people who are new to The Pure Package, who have the time to cook their own meals, but not the expertise. For those people, too, I hope that this book is an inspiration.” Jennifer Irvine, Founder, The Pure Package

All our healthy eating secrets are revealed in these pages opening up our knowledge and expertise to a wider audience.

A selection of the mouth-watering recipes includes:

  •  Poached Eggs with Spinach & Feta
  •  Chicken & Noodle Laksa
  •  Duck and Pearl Barley Cassoulet with Honey & Caraway Parsnips
  •  Summer Pudding Jelly with Vanilla & Honey Greek Yoghurt
  •  Chocolate mousse

The Pure Package’s: The DIET for FOOD LOVERS by Jennifer Irvine is now on sale. Pick up a copy from a leading retailer now!