Men’s Running Magazine trials our Healthy Eating Programme

Editor, Danny Coyle, puts our healthy eating programme to the test to determine if he feels any benefits to his health and energy levels after completing a three day trial.

We are constantly reminded of the benefits to be had from improving our diet and that the usual three meals a day is not the way forward. But who has time to prepare the recommended five or six meals a day, let alone space in a busy working day to shovel all that grub in?

If you’ve got the money, there are companies out there who will take all the hard work out of it for you and deliver your daily food intake straight to your door each morning. So who were we to look a gift horse in the mouth when The

Pure Package ( came calling to ask if we fancied doing a three-day trial? One quick call to establish any foods I disliked (mushrooms), a run down of my weight, height and average weekly exercise regime, and MR nutrition guru Martin standing by to cast his expert eye over their menus, and the trial was under way.

Danny received a Pure Package cooler bag containing five meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner plus 2 snacks, each day for three days. Here’s what he and nutritionist Martin had to say about a selection of the meals and snacks:

BREAKFAST (Fresh Melon & Blackberry Muesli with Natural Yoghurt)
They say: Fresh melon and blackberries served with our wheat-free mix of vital seeds and cereals. Our granola contains a mixture of seeds which are a good source of essential fatty acids.
Martin says: An excellent breakfast with a good mix of macronutrients. Nice to see the use of whole natural yoghurt as a source of probiotics and vitamins A, D, E and K.
Danny says: Best breakfast of the lot. Substantial, really tasty granola and berries packed with flavour.

They say: Pears are rich in pectin and soluble fibre and could be valuable in lowering harmful cholesterol levels in the body.
Martin says: Pecans contain over 90 per cent of their calories from fat. This makes them an excellent choice for a snack to keep nice stable energy levels and a bucket-load of essential fats.

LUNCH (Mustard, Cress & Egg Open Sandwich)
They say: Organic rye bread topped with free-range eggs in a mustard crème fraiche dressing served with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and lamb’s lettuce.
Martin says: So long as you like eggs in your sarnies, this is another top choice. This is really what we would call a ‘balanced meal’. Rye bread is generally not made with any added sugar, which makes it one of the best choices of bread.
Danny says: Very tasty and filling without making me feel bloated. The rye bread was a nice change from the normal white or brown bread choices I would make.

AFTERNOON SNACK (Cashew Nut & Banana Blend)
They say: A mix of bananas, cashew nuts, live yoghurt and limes served with a separate bag of mixed seeds. As our bananas are not chemically treated they may go slightly dark but rest assured they are perfectly ripe!
Martin says: Mouth-watering. This is like a meal in itself!

DINNER (Goan Coconut Chicken)
They say: Free-range sliced chicken cooked in a mildly spiced coconut sauce served with rice, roasted butternut squash and steamed broccoli.
Martin says: Coconut sauce is ultra high in medium chain triglycerides which are a great source of energy that promotes fat burning. They can be metabolised quickly like carbohydrates.
Danny says: Outstanding flavour and I managed to last the rest of the evening without resorting to a late bowl of cereal.

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