Ice skating in London – get active without realising it

Swap your shoes with ice-skates and book an exhilirating session at one of London’s ice skating rinks that open this month. It’s a great way to get active and have fun at the same time.

Have you ever thought about the fact that our ancestors never had to ‘take exercise’?  They never had to think about their weight either.  Weight loss management was just not something that entered their minds. If anything, they would be trying to preserve their body weight.  They were naturally fit, strong, and lean and possessed the type of physique we strive for today.  They did not die the modern way from cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease either so they must have been doing something right!

Today weight loss management and keeping ourselves fit and strong has become something we have to elect to do.  But we fuss over it endlessly, build massive multi billion pound industries around it, talk about it in parliament, on television and radio, and still obesity and related illnesses plague society.

Our ancestors are the ones to look to if we’re really serious about weight/strength management, and their simple lifestyle is the model for us, not even today, but especially today.  This is not to say they had an easy time, they certainly did not and had to be out in all weather conditions actively hunting down every meal.  We’re all extremely grateful we don’t have to do this today but realise that advancing the way we have as a species has come at a very high price. In order to apply the principals that kept our ancestors lean and strong to our own lives we have to realise two essential factors; we are designed to work hard physically, and we are not designed to eat processed foods.

The way we can effectively mimic the ‘work hard’ section of this formula, is to apply ourselves. For those living in London, the city of all things bright and beautiful, the solution is laid in front of us, right on our doorstep.  Take heart! And it’s MUCH more fun than hunting.

It’s November – the slightly nondescript time of the year when the dark closes in.  The great thing is that at the same time magical Christmas lights are switched on which brighten up the capital.  Ice skating rinks open around the city, giving us a spectacular way to be active without ‘taking exercise’.  I have chosen a couple of the most impressive places to streak around, well not ‘streak’ streak, but go fast without really trying.  This mimics the hard work involved in the hunt, consuming masses of energy, and the focus is on anything but exercise.   Do this frequently leading up to Christmas, then enjoy the feast with a guilt-free conscience.

Somerset House: Nov 22-Jan 22 2012

The Grand Courtyard at Somerset House provides this 900-metre-
square ice rink- and is one of the most impressive venues on offer in the capital.   Go here on a date or just for fun on a week night. It’s infinitely better than watching telly.  The Big Ice Dance lunchtime workouts, led by English National Ballet dancers, are a chance to warm-up off the ice (for land lubbers) before taking part in an ice dance lesson.  The skate school offers lessons for beginners and there are special sessions for children and disabled people, as well as late-night skates and club nights (Thursday -Saturday) with DJs. From 10am to 10pm daily. A fabulously inspiring place to visit to be active without realising it.

Tower of London Ice Rink: Nov 19-Jan 8 2012


Can you imagine any place more historically inspiring than ice skating on the moat of The Tower of London?  (These are not the ancestors we were talking about by the way). ‘Ice at the Tower’ offers a grand historical setting for seasonal skating sessions, with the rink in the dry moat affording views of London’s ancient fortress. Take out-of-town visitors to this

iconic ice rink. Book online if you can.  Ice guides are available for supervised group skating (£32 per session).



Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Ice Rink: Nov 18-Jan 3 2012

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland ice rink is the biggest outdoor rink in the UK. It is massive at 1350 square metres, so offers more freedom than the smaller rinks.  There are a number of additional exciting activities, rides and attractions to explore including Zippo’s Christmas Circus, a giant observation wheel, rides and Santa Land. Some activities in the Wonderland are ticketed but entry to the site, including Santa Land and the Christmas Market is free and an after-dark stroll is beautifully atmospheric. There’s a fully heated and covered bar/restaurant, the Spiegel Saloon, with live entertainment every night (ancestor-like behaviour is encouraged at all times which you might choose to partake in or decide to give a miss).

A word about eating (much) less processed food…  use vegetables, lean protein, seeds & nuts, and berries, and eliminate sugars and refined carbohydrates to achieve a diet as close to our ancestors’ habits as possible.  This practice can bring the body back to being lean and strong especially if you’re including physical activity on a daily basis.  One of the other fantastic things about London is that diet delivery companies such as us can provide such fare, making it easy to eat ancient in a very modern way and help with healthy weight loss management.  The benefits will astonish you, as will the results.