Head out to one of London’s big screen events this month

It is tempting to stay at home to watch a DVD but why not swap it for a night out watching one of the many new films that will be celebrated this month?

The ever-present chill in the air is an unwanted reminder that winter is around the corner. The change in season has, however, had no effect on the multitude and variety of events taking place in London during October.

It is tempting to stay at home to watch a DVD but why not swap it for a night out watching one of the many new films that will be celebrated in two big film events this month: The Raindance Film Festival and the 55th BFI London Film Awards… And if you’re lucky enough to be attending The Raindance Film Festival, look out for Pure Package goody bags on both the opening and closing nights.

The Raindance Film Festival is the UK’s largest independent film festival that showcases independent films from around the world including shorts and features, and specializes in directorial debuts. Running from the 28th Sept – 9th Oct in London it distinguishes itself from other festivals with its ‘swaggering rock and roll attitude’, and ‘runs riot in London’s West End every autumn.’

Raindance hosts a number of special events, including master classes and Q&A sessions with industry professionals. Would-be directors and screen writers have the chance to pitch their ideas to movie execs, and young film fans are given a chance to seize the means of production.

The 55th BFI London Film Festival runs from 12th – 27th October and showcases the world’s best new films. Highlights include singer Madonna and actor Ralph Fiennes taking the director’s seat, in W.E. and Coriolanus respectively, plus don’t miss A Dangerous Method starring Keira Knightley which gives a compelling look at the early days of psychoanalysis. The featured films will be screened in various cinemas throughout the city and tickets will naturally be snapped up quickly so make sure you book yours now.




If you do plan on heading out to the movies, we thought it only right that we offer up some very “pure” alternatives to the traditional and naughty movie treats.

  • Popcorn
    Large buttered popcorn contains 800-1000 calories and 32g of fat
    Large plain popcorn contains 500-600 calories and 18g of fat
    Our recommendation – stick to the plain.
  • Cheesy Nachos
    Nachos with cheese contain 700-900 calories and a nauseating 56g of fat. FYI, each dollop of cheese contains about 200 calories and 15g of fat – and that’s not even counting the cooked-in-fat nachos!
    Our recommendation – a better savoury snack is pretzels which contain just 155 calories for a small bag.
  • Pick ‘n’ Mix
    Chocolates and fudges contain 30+ calories per sweet!
    100g bag of sweets contain up to 360 calories
    If you can’t resist a pick ‘n’ mix bag, avoid chocolate, toffee and fudges. All the sweet treats are high in sugar so don’t fill your bag to the top!
    Our recommendation – take a bag of grapes, cherries, strawberries and other chopped up or sliced fruit with some raw nuts/ seeds for a delicious, sweet snack with all the healthy benefits!
  • Cola
    A large cola contains 400-500 calories and 12 spoonfuls of sugar.
    Our recommendation – stick to water (still or sparkling with some fresh lime) or unsweetened fruit juice.