The Whole Body MOT

The kids are back at school, the summer has pretty much ended and we have 3 months before Christmas (sorry for the reminder, where has this year gone?). Some would say a perfect time to polish your exercise programme, and to help, Lyndon at Equilibrium is offering 20% off his whole body MOT.

I went down to experience Lyndon’s way of training, and to find out more on what The Whole Body MOT session actually consisted of. I found it, in one word, enlightening! Although I now have quite a lot of work to do on my own to correct all sorts of imbalances, I am a few weeks in and have already noticed a difference in my posture and strength.

There will be all sorts of measuring happening (like measuring the curvature of your spine etc), standing, bending over, squatting, jumping, press ups … the list goes on. You will then get an in-depth corrective exercise programme to work on in order to sort out imbalances/posture issues and the like and learn how to do exercises correctly so that you get the best out of them.

At £99 for 90 minutes (Original price £125), I really would recommend booking a session. For more scientific information and to find out a little more about Lyndon, please click here.




*Discount only valid for MOT’s booked in September 2011. Quote “Pure Package” to be eligible for this discount.