Our PrePack Programme gets reviewed by Women’s Fitness

Our very successful programme with TenPilates, The Pre-Pack, gets revewied by Jacqueline Henken in Women’s Fitness

The Reader Slim-down Files – tried and tested

Weight loss, an energy boost, wellbeing…there are plenty of reasons why we adopt new diet and fitness programmes, but the question is – do they work? We asked our brave readers to test out the latest plans which promise to boost our bodies in different ways, from meal deliveries to supplementation. Read on to see if they deliver what they promise…

Name: Jacqueline Hanken
Age: 32
Occupation: Sales
Height: 5’4”
Aims: To tone up and het healthy again after holiday splurge.

The plan: TenPilates and The Pure Package Pre-Pack, £900 for 20 days (London only).

Promises: The to-your-door dishes supplied by food delivery service The Pure Package promise to provide a healthy, balanced diet, while 12 Pilates classes at TenPilates aim to help you sculpt a beautiful bikini body.

Personal Experience: I was surprised how full the meals kept me; lunches were mainly salads based around beans or tuna, and the high-fibre dinners were tasty; I especially liked the prawns and oriental vegetables in a Thai-style broth. The hardest part was avoiding the caffeine, alcohol and sugar completely, as wining and dining clients is part of my job. I also have a huge sweet tooth and it was hard to curb cravings. The Pilates helped me focus on sticking to the plan and I noticed improved tone after only three days. As my body got used to the diet my energy also increased, and I felt I could exercise more.

The Result:
Trial Time: 5 days
Total Weight Loss: 3.3lb
Energy level on scale of 1-10 before: 6
Energy level on scale of 1-10 after: 8

Verdict: I saw results immediately, so if I’d stuck to it for the whole 20 days I would have seen significant changes. I definitely will be using elements of this plan in my normal routine and I found the whole experience positive.