Zest Magazine votes us as Best Gourmet Grub

Zest magazine Chief Sub-Editor Cleo Hall tested out our Summer Stunner programme and gave us five stars for serving up restaurant standard food.

The Food: Every day I had three meals and two snacks delivered to the door in a cool bag by 6am (Saturday’s and Sunday’s meals were delivered together). Lunch was a salad, and dinner always a hot meal – things like a Seabass Tagine, Thai curry or risotto. My favourite was the Chicken Laksa, which was so good I’d be happy to be served it in a restaurant. I never had the same meal twice and even got sweet snacks like chocolate & beetroot cake or cinnamon spiced plums. The diet was also virtually wheat-free.

The Service: Before starting, I spoke to a consultant about what I eat now, any food allergies and my caffeine, alcohol and water intake. I was allowed to exclude three food “dislikes” – you can add more for a price supplement. An email welcome pack explained that all my food was nutritionally balanced, portion controlled and low in salt. It told me to maximize my results by exercising for 30 minutes per day and timing my meals to avoid cravings. I was sent a text on the first day to remind me to call if I had any problems. I also got a phone call asking if I was enjoying it, so I felt it was very supportive.

The Impact: Some days I felt more energetic, on the others a bit low. I didn’t have any hunger

pangs at all and no urge to eat “off-diet”.

The Best Bit: The large portions and interesting combinations of flavours

The Worst Bit: I like being able to chose what I eat, and there were one or two meals involving goat’s cheese that were a bit of a struggle.

The Result: Lost 5lb in 10 days

Zest Rated: ***** (5 stars!)