Summer Food Festivals

Check out our top pick of foodie festivals for what we hope is going to be a super warm summer!

Taste of London may have come and gone, but that doesn’t by any length mark the end of the food festival season in London.

By Annie Mole

While it may not yet look or feel quite like Summer outside, we’re optimistic that the sun is holding out for the perfect opportunity, and what better opportunity than another food festival? While Taste of London tends to soak up the spotlight in terms of Food Festivals in London, there are still plenty of upcoming food festivals to enjoy around the city.  So  even though you may be receiving our gourmet diet delivery dishes we recommmend that you still check out some of these upcoming festivals.


Foodies Festival (July 29th – 31st)

Held in Battersea Park, the Foodies Festival is a real treat not only for food lovers, but for aspiring chefs as well.  Live events such as The Chef’s Theatre feature top restaurant chefs cooking dishes right in front of the audience, sharing tips and recipes along the way.  Additionally, hands-on tasting sessions feature chocolates, cheeses and wines from around the country.  With three day tickets priced at £25 and daily tickets £15, the Foodies Festival should be a great way to spend an afternoon.


Great British Beer Festival (August 2nd – 6th)

If you’re feeling you deserve a reward after successfully completing one of our  Weight Loss Diets, the Great British Beer Festival may very well be the perfect place to indulge.  Often referred to as “the biggest pub in the world”, the GBBF has been held annually since 1975, and will feature over 700 beers and ciders from around the world.  Held in Earl’s Court, the festival features live music, pub games and food stands that are sure to satisfy any enthusiast.  Even if you’re able to resist the temptation of sampling some of the country’s finest brews, watching the crowning of the “Champion Beer of Britain” on the opening day is well-worth the £10 entry fee.


By Mfajardo

Real Food Harvest Festival (23rd – 25th September)

Living in London, we’re spoiled by some of the most luxurious and lavish restaurants in the world.  However, sometimes it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time enjoying the sights, sounds, and splendid dishes of the rest of Britain.  Luckily, thanks to the Real Food Harvest Festival, you can enjoy all of these things without having to take a step outside of the city boundaries.  The 2011 Harvest Festival will be held in the Southbank Centre in September, and will celebrate some of the uniquely delicious dishes of the English countryside.  Featuring producers of some of the country’s finest handcrafted sweets, chocolates, cheeses and wines, the Harvest Festival will also hold chef demos hosted by such names as Cyrus Todiwala OBE and Arthur Potts Dawson.  Best of all, admission to the Harvest Festival is free of charge, providing a great day out for the entire family without having to open your wallet.

By State Records NSW


If our pick of UK summer food festivals hasn’t got your taste buds tingling, why not let us know your favourite food festivals in the comments below? And if you’ve been to any of the ones we’ve listed in previous years, we would  love to hear about your experiences!