Your diet is served, madam!

All-in-one diet packages deliver ready-made meals to your door, to take the graft out of losing weight and eating healthily. But do they work? The working mum Victoria Woodhall trialled The Pure Package’s Energy Booster Programme.

The diet – The ten day Brain Balance from The Pure Package aims to boost brain power, improve mood and avoid energy lows with its balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fats and antioxidants.

My Aim – I’d been feeling constantly tired, with a “crash” at 4pm that had me reaching for caffeine and sugar, so I wanted to increase my energy levels.

What I Ate – Three meals plus two snacks per day – so no time for a sugar-low! Meals were freshly cooked with ethically sourced ingredients. Breakfasts were typically a muesli-style mix of yoghurt, fruit and grains; lunches were mainly salads; dinners were tasty and adventurous (such as Goan Coconut Chicken or Pea & Lemon Barley Risotto), with fruit and seeds for snacks. Avoiding dehydration, which reduces brain effectiveness, is a must, so I was drinking two litres of water a day.

How I felt on a diet – Full! The meals were huge, but The Pure Package assured me that the calorie count was 1900 per day. I didn’t lose weight (not my goal), but I did feel less tired by the end; though I’m sure it would have helped more if I’d cut out alcohol and caffeine.

How I feel now – It kick-started a healthy-eating regime, which I am trying to continue by bringing home-made salads to work.

The experts says – Pure Package has no nutritional deficiencies.  Cutting out alcohol would have helped weight loss.