We make Glamour.com smile!

Some stars swear by The Pure Package to keep them trim and full of healthy foods before a major red carpet event.

It’s a delivery service of nutritionally balanced meals and snacks, chosen by in-house nutritionists to meet your needs and packaged in luxury.

The Experience: A temperature controlled bag housing breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner arrived every day – and right at the time I specified – to Glamour.com towers. The meals arrived carefully packaged with storage and

cooking instructions – all I needed to do was unravel the knife and fork and dig into some of the best prepared food that has passed my lips: goats cheese salads, baked salmon and asparagus, luxury exotic salads…The list goes on.

The Verdict: This is a service ideal for a pre-wedding regime, to boost a healthier diet change or to kick-start your bikini boot camp. This not a fad diet; it’s a catalyst to a lifestyle revolution that will keep your tummy full, show you how to feed up on the right foods and put a smile on your face.