My Fash Diary loves The Pure Package

What is summer without a summer body? Myfashdiary recently tested out our service.

The Pure Package is best known for their freshly produced ingredients cooked by Award winning chefs that are made in New Covent Garden Market. The Pure Package concept is based around portion control (which is a key to balanced and healthy diet). Celebrity fans include Hugh Jackman, Erin O’Connor, and Alexandra Burke.

The consultation
It all started with a consultation call from the lovely Frankie at The Pure Package, where she noted down my height, my weight, food allergies, habits and stress levels to make sure the diet was adjusted accordingly! On the following day, I received an email from Frankie following up on our chat as well as giving me several tips on how to make the most of my diet.

The programme
What I loved most about the diet is the fact that you’re constantly eating/snacking on healthy and fresh food, so you’re filled with energy and never get the chance to get hungry. My meals included hazelnut spread with rye bread, goats cheese cottage pie, buffalo mozzarella salad and dark chocolate & raspberry mousse, to name few! Everything was delicious and was packed with recycled packaging.

The result
Whether you’re looking to feel less bloated for the summer or just want to start a new way of healthy living – The Pure Package is perfect! I cut out coffee in those two days (which I haven’t done for a while) and I still felt energetic and refreshed. I can’t even imagine how I would feel after 10 days of the package!

Myfashdiary loves The Pure Package.