We Get Five Stars from a Review by Health & Fitness Magazine

No longer just for the rich and famous, nutritionist devised  menus delivered to your door can help you detox, lose weight, boost your training and even improve your skin. We put the best to the test.

Dial-a-diet Meals

Anti-Ageing Skin Booster: Pure Package Skin & Ageing Menu

What you get: After a phone consultation, you receive a balanced, nutrient-rich menu to improve your inner health and give you a brighter, clearer complexion. Breakfasts include roasted leek and red pepper frittata; lunch could be organic salmon and spelt pasta salad; dinner, a vegetable moussaka, and a typical snack is oatcakes and hummus.

H&F Verdict: Every morning, a cooler bag arrived on my doorstep packed with my day’s meals. Once I’d got over the idea of eating pre-packaged meals, I realised that this was gold-star nutrition. A gourmet delivery-diet service, The Pure Package’s kitchen is based in New Covent Garden Fruit & Vegetable Market, so meals are super-fresh as well as chef-prepared and devised by a nutritionist.

While my colleagues struggled with lean pickings on other diets, I tucked into generous portions of restaurant-quality food. Dishes are full of skin-nourishing protein, grains, seeds and antioxidant-rich fruit and veg. The food tastes slightly bland until your tastebuds adjust to the lack of salt – a useful lesson. I missed sugary snacks and carbohydrates, but by the end of the week, was enjoying eating three square meals a day and surprised to find my skin felt plumper and softer.

Also try: The Pure Package offers seven menu plans, including Weight Loss, Training Support and Pre- and Post-Baby.

H&F Rating: ***** 5 stars!!