The easiest diet I have ever done

I went on The Pure Package 10 day diet when the two kilo’s I had been wanting to lose for ages suddenly crept up to 3. It was without doubt the easiest diet I have ever done.

It really doesn’t feel like a diet, the food is delicious and I never felt deprived. Not having to cook  or think about food for 10 days was an added bonus. I also found paying for a diet eliminated any temptation to cheat or start tomorrow. I lost 2.8kg in 10 days and I’m confident I will lose the remaining weight now that I’m in a healthy eating routine.

I couldn’t recommend their service highly enough.

Mandy Watkins, hush homewear

  • Anonymous

    What exactly it is, I’m interested to it and I’m thinking to
    try it. I also tried low carb and calories diet for 1 week and its effective
    too, you can try if you are interested.

    quickest way to lose weight

    • gaby

      It is a healthy balanced way of losing weight, with the focus on good quality ingredients and portion control. Check out our weight loss programme page and sample menus, or email our client services team on

  • Pamper Parties

    Never heard of that one before..will give it a try – thanks.