Lemondrop discovers Denise Van Outen’s Diet Secret

Denise Van Outen’s Diet Secrets

Just ten months after giving birth to her daughter Betsy, Denise Van Outen is back in perfect shape.

Although she insisted that she was in no hurry to lose her baby weight, Denise is now back to a slim size 10, but she hasn’t done it without a little help. The actress and presenter says she lost the extra pounds thanks to The Pure Package, a service that delivers all your meals to your door at a cost of around £40 per day.

A 90 day programme costs almost £3000 – for that subscribers receive a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day.

A typical menu would be tomato, avocado and cottage cheese on rye bread for breakfast, a morning snack of black grapes and cashew nuts, Thai chicken noodle salad for lunch, a fruit, nut and seed bar in the afternoon and spiced Kingfish with black bean salsa for dinner.

Denise, who also hired a personal trainer, called The Pure Package “a lifesaver for tired new mums”.

We’re sure it must be easier to stick to a diet when someone else is doing the cooking, but we can’t help but wonder: what does her husband Lea Mead eat? Does he gets his dinner delivered too?