Support Naomi in the Zambia Challenge

Our very own Naomi signs up to the Zambia Bike Challenge and needs your help…

… In the form of charity donations. Please click here to go to Naomi’s just giving page.

Many of you will have spoken or emailed with Naomi…and in May this year, Naomi will be taking part in a challenging cycle ride approximately 500km across Zambia, from Lusaka to Victoria Falls in Livingstone to raise money for a small local charity called African Revival.

A lot of you have already donated so thank you, but for those who haven’t, it would be really fantastic if you could spare a few pounds for this great cause.


Founded in 2005, African Revival currently works with 17 schools in the remote Kalomo District in Southern Zambia. They have delivered new educational opportunities for 7,000 pupils and 150 teachers in the district, and work in partnership with schools in the UK. Despite the great success the charity has had so far, there is so much more to be done….and challenges such as this not only raise much needed funds, but build wider awareness of their work.

As a strong believer in the importance of widespread education, Naomi is delighted to work with, and attempt to raise money for, a charity which fervently promotes this cause. The Zambia Bike Challenge will enable the cyclists to visit some of African Revivals projects, and experience firsthand the schools and surrounding communities that they are supporting. African Revival are wise to use the word challenge…..6 days across hilly poor roads, often no roads, in the saddle, is certainly that! As a keen cyclist I am excited to support such a worthwhile cause whilst experiencing the beautiful setting and wildlife of rural Zambia.