Kim Trevett – Helping you reach your full potential

Do you need help to reach your full potential? We all do, don’t we?

We all deserve to reach our full potential in life, but so many of us are held back by limiting beliefs, unhelpful habits and negative patterns from the past. From losing weight to beating anxieties, Kim will enable you to release negative traps so that you can finally be yourself…and to make things even better, Kim is offering Pure Package clients a real treat of an offer.

An expert in the field of weight loss and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the new innovative Provocative Insight Process Kim genuinely helps people improve their lives by getting to the root of personal issues which trouble them.

Tap into your Weight Loss –An insightful process into EFT, the session will gently resolve any past issues that may be causing you to over eat & hold on to your weight and will effortlessly work to get to the bottom of any weight-loss issue.
A special offer of: 2 EFT sessions for the price of 1 (saving £125).

Spring Clean Your Mind & Body – EFT and Provocative Insight Process ™ together work to release the need to use food as a form of control or suppression. Addressing insufficient or excessive food intake, EFT can safely and effectively release the real underlying cause to binge eating and find the internal conflicts and limiting beliefs associated with compulsions, food avoidance and purging.
A special offer of: 6 EFT & PIP sessions for the price of 4 sessions (saving of £360:00).

For more information and to take advantage of this fantastic offer, please click here and quote Pure Package.