We get the big thumbs up from The Sunday Times Magazine

Check out this review of our diet delivery service from The Sunday Times Magazine:

“Beauty Shrink Wrapped: the diet delivered daily to your door”

Why don’t diets work? Because they take all the joy out of food and, as a consequence, life. They also mess you up, skewing your psychological relationship with the stuff that keeps you alive, and confusing the hell out of your poor metabolism. And since most diets set the bar impossibly high from the start, you are doomed to failure from the beginning.

They are also incredibly impractical. Being on a diet is a full time job in itself: all that messing around with steamed vegetables and the weighing of portions. Some are so insanely draconian they start to impede your brain function. I once embarked on a low-carb regime and the only thing that shrunk was my IQ.

There is only one way to lose weight: being aware of what you’re putting in your mouth. Savour your food. Don’t eat standing up or walking down the street or watching the telly. The process of eating requires your attention, otherwise your brain is too distracted to tell your stomach when it’s full, and your mouth goes right on chewing until your buttons pop.

Trouble is, life’s busy. And so, faced with the prospect of a few days’ holiday in the company of a friend who is, irritatingly, a few years and several kilos lighter than me, I decided to get someone else to think about my portion control.

Pure Package (purepackage.com; from £26.95 per day) supplies a range of freshly prepared meals. The food arrives early in the morning, packed in a temperature-controlled bag. You have everything for the day: breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks. All you have to do is eat what’s in the bag – and no more.

I rather assumed I would have scoffed my entire allowance by lunchtime. Instead, on my first day, I was so abundantly catered for I failed to finish my supper (a delicious Thai chicken curry). My lunch (Scrambled eggs on rye bread with a big fresh salad) had carried me through to tea-time admirably, when I had consumed my snack, a dark chocolate mousse. Day two began with fresh orange segments and nut butter on rye, followed by chunky falafels and salad for lunch. On day three, when I opened my box to find a generous of granola and fruit, with a cashew-nut and fresh banana treat as my snack. I began to wonder whether I hadn’t inadvertently ordered the ‘training’ menu, intended for sporting types. That night, I tucked into nasi goring with chicken and king prawns anyhow.

In the morning I checked. It was definitely on the ‘swimwear’ plan. And yet, I really didn’t feel like I was on a diet at all: no hunger, no irritability, no cravings. The food I was eating wasn’t fattening, but it was nutritious and tasted great, so there was no need to stray.

A week or so into the plan, I was dropping off some items at a charity shop and a Whistles dress caught my eye. Size 12, £20. Size 12, mind. No chance, I thought. Still, it can’t hurt to try it on. Reader, it fitted (just). Pure Package don’t promise miracles; but they do deliver. “