Easy to do Gluten Free Recipes

Whether you are gluten intolerant, suffer from Coeliac disease or simply choose to eliminate gluten from your diet, what you can and can’t eat can become a bit confusing, and may feel quite restrictive. However, similar to our London diet delivery menus, there is an upside with a huge array of gluten-free products out there, in what is a rapidly growing market. When opting for “free from” products you should always be careful to check the labels, as these can often be sugar-filled and calorie-laden – whole food and unprocessed options are the best way to go.

Quinoa Flowering
Quinoa flowering – Photograph by net_efekt

As a general rule wheat, spelt, barley and rye are all a no-no. Rice and potatoes are both fine, and can provide a quick and easy alternative to staples such as bread and pasta. Quinoa is another option; it is a high protein grain, and is fantastic in salads or as an accompaniment to main meals. We use this south American grain a lot in our diet delivery menus. Although oats are gluten-free, they are often grown with gluten-containing grains, and are therefore not suitable for those with an allergy. Gluten-free oats are available, and can be found in health food stores and now some of the major supermarkets. There are good substitutes for pasta too – in our diet delivery meals we use both rice noodles and chickpea spaghetti. Beans and lentils are also fantastic in terms of nutritional content, and a versatile substitute for the gluten-containing grains.

Cooked Rice Noodles
Cooked rice noodles – Photograph by little blue hen

If baking, you can substitute your normal flour for a gluten-free alternative. Gluten-free flours, including those made from rice, soy, chickpea, buckwheat and almond, are becoming more readily available and can be used to make delicious breads, cakes and muffins which are included regularly on our London diet delivery menus. Doves Farm does a really good selection of Organic gluten-free flours Below are a couple of recipes to inspire you, but there really are hundreds out there, so search, experiment and enjoy!

Sundried Tomato, Parmesan and Pumpkin Seed Bread (Makes 1 loaf)

200g gluten-free flour (Doves Farm)
1tsp salt
3tsp gluten-free baking powder
280ml milk
Squeeze of lemon juice
3 eggs
1 tsp sundried tomato puree
50g sundried tomatoes, coarsely chopped
2 tbsp olive oil
25g parmesan, grated
50g pumpkin seeds


  1. Heat the oven to 180 degrees (gas mark 4)
  2. Mix the flour, salt, and baking powder in a large bowl
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the milk, eggs, sundried tomato puree, lemon juice and olive oil
  4. Fold the wet ingredients into the flour mix, and add the sundried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and half the parmesan
  5. Pour the mixture into a lined loaf tin and sprinkle the remaining parmesan on top. Bake for 50-60 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean

Gluten-free Blueberry Pancakes (Serves 2)

1 cup buckwheat flour
1 tsp gluten-free baking powder
2 tbsp fructose sugar
½ tsp salt
1 egg, beaten
2 tbsp oil
1 cup milk
¾ cup blueberries
1 tsp cinnamon
A little oil or butter for cooking


  1. Pre-heat griddle pan and grease lightly with oil
  2. Mix together flour, baking powder, fructose, salt and cinnamon
  3. Add the egg, oil and milk, beating well after each addition, and fold in the blueberries
  4. Pour a 1/4 cup of batter onto the griddle pan for each pancake, and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side until golden brown
  5. Serve with chopped fresh banana and maple syrup

Do you have any gluten-free recipes you can recommend or that we can try in our London diet delivery menus? Any tips for tasty tried and tested gluten-free products? Get in touch and leave us a comment below.

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