Such a Treat!

“Oh my goodness I love the food, service and delivery… it’s fab!”

“It’s such a treat to wake up to such delicious, nutritious, balanced meals every morning! It’s a fantastic service and so far, I have been entirely satisfied with everything. The portions have been spot on and I have not felt hungry, apart from when I am supposed to feel it, when a snack or lunch is due.

I have already learned where I have been going wrong with my eating habits, eating too infrequently and eating portions that are way too big so that I would feel very bloated. I am really enjoying the new concept of snacking between meals and my energy levels are far better already. I am finding that I am waking up feeling much fresher; leaping out of bed, although that might just be because I’m excited to see what food parcel is at the door! It is evidently working and I am very pleased”