Our Detox & Cleanse Programme

“I have trialed the detox and cleanse programme offered by The Pure Package and it couldn’t have been easier to integrate into my day-to-day life.”

“The meals were delivered direct to my front door, and were clearly labeled with what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lots of nutritious snacks. All I had to do was take the delicious deliveries with me to work. It was a joy not to have to go to a supermarket for three weeks or to think about what to cook or what to buy.

Whilst on the programme I felt fantastic – really alive, full of energy and well nourished. I was never hungry and didn’t pick up the flu that was going around friends and family – so sure it did wonders for my immune system too.

The Pure Package detox and cleanse programme is a luxurious experience and it was such a treat to have someone else looking after my health and wellbeing. I didn’t have to think about a thing and knew that I was in good hands.

There are two components to any successful detox diet. Firstly, avoiding exposure to toxins through the food we eat and secondly eating foods that help the body to release stored toxins. In order to do this certain foods are avoided, whilst other foods are increased. It is also important that the diet includes a high level of nutrients to support the detoxification pathways of the liver which is the main organ involved in detoxification.

The Pure Package detox and cleanse programme is specifically designed to avoid exposure to toxins in food, such as artificial colouring, flavourings, trans fats and wherever possible pesticides. Foods that are commonly problematic and which cause intolerances are also recognised by the body as toxins. Therefore these foods are also avoided, such as gluten and dairy. This gives the body a break from having to process potentially difficult foods.

The programme is packed with fruit and vegetables, which provide the necessary antioxidants to support the body as toxins are released, and are highly cleansing and alkaline. It also provides a good level of protein, (in the form of fish, tofu, beans and lentils) which is essential for liver detoxification and is where many detox programmes fall short. For example, juice fasting, without protein supplementation, lacks sufficient protein to fully support the liver detoxification pathways, and in the long term causes a drop in the metabolic rate and potential lose of lean muscle mass.

A sustained detox over a period of three weeks, such as this detox and cleanse programme, also has longer-lasting benefits than a three day ‘quick fix’. A detox shouldn’t be about starving the body, but about giving the body a nutrient feast. A successful detox programme is one that nourishes all the cells in the body with an abundance of nutrients and this is exactly what The Pure Package achieves. The effective and sustainable nature of the programme also means that the health benefits are preserved for longer, even after the programme has finished. ”

Julia Alderman, Nutritionist & Detox Expert

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    Similarly, detoxification in simple terms, is the cleansing our body. When our body is cleansed from harmful substances, we digest and burn fats and calories with less effort for our stomach. Therefore, fasting and weight loss are interrelated methods of achieving a healthy body. There are many benefits that we can get from detoxification through juice fasting recipes. But as a whole it gives our body peace and tranquility.