In Control of My Weight

“There aren’t many products or services that you can say have changed your life, but the Pure Package is an exception. ”

“I have struggled with my weight all my life and the Pure Package has helped me to finally get things under control. Although their service isn’t just about weight loss, I’ve lost over 4 stone (26kg) in just over four months by following their brilliant plan. The great thing is that it takes temptation out of your hands – you just eat the high quality meals that turn up on your doorstep. No thinking about it, no measuring, all that is done for you based on their customized evaluation of your needs. I found that I wasn’t hungry and enjoyed the variety of food provided and it really made more of a difference to how I felt than I was expecting. There’s even the odd treat in there to keep you happy like a slice of orange cake or their great chocolate mousse. More fundamentally, it changed the way I think about food and I’m able to spread my eating more evenly over the day.

It might seem expensive to some, but really, how much is your health worth? I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

James Moores, London.