I lost 3 Stone & Conceived Naturally

“Having tried for a baby for over 2 years unsuccessfully and then being turned down for IVF treatment because of my BMI being too high, I was at a loss of what to do next to improve our chances of starting a much longed for family.”

“As someone that has struggled with my weight all my life and tried every diet going, the IVF rejection was still not enough to trigger any significant or long term weight loss. Then I kept repeatedly seeing your advertising, either on the tube or in magazines and after a bit of investigation, decided to go for it.

After signing up for the full 30 day program, success, I had lost 16 lbs by the end of it and was surprised at how easy I had found it to follow and that I was never hungry the whole time. I then decided to try and follow some of the same principles I had learnt from your program to see if the weight stayed off and in fact I continued to lose a couple of pounds per week such that by the end of February, I had lost a total of 3 stone and dropped two dress sizes and then the surprise, least expected news came that I was actually pregnant having conceived naturally. I am now 6 months gone and have only put one stone of that weight back on so far and stayed the same lower dress size and so couldn’t be happier and am certain that I owe much of both the weight loss and pregnancy success to Pure Package.”