Great Success

“I just wanted to inform you of my great success on your programme.”

“Endless hours with a Personal Trainer did not reap rewards close to those that I have gained through Pure Package.Aged 21, I had to turn my life around – I was heading down a path of elevated risks, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and infertility to name a few. I took to this dieting strictly, conforming unwaveringly to the advice given by Pure Package. I urge anybody wanting results to follow advice rigidly, the Pure Package really know what they’re going on about; their advice is scientifically sound too!!

Eight weeks ago, I weighed in at 98kg, with a BMI of 30.8. Having completed 40 days of your food, I’m now 87kg, with a BMI of 27.3. The results speak for themselves – not only have I exceeded my own expectations, but a new leash of motivation has unveiled; I will continue to strive to improve my health and lifestyle until I attain a BMI of 23.0.”

T.Tassachi (Scientist)