Eat Breakfast, Be Successful

Does eating breakfast make you more successful? Does eating breakfast reduce your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity? The answer is yes…

Breakfast as the word implies means breaking a fast. Your metabolic rate drops overnight because of fasting. Skipping meals and eating fast releasing foods (coffee etc, muffin/bagel on the run) can play havoc with your attention span and ability to process information. You are also more likely to eat a big lunch, where the majority of the calories taken in are stored as fat because your metabolism cant cope with the sudden load of food. Likewise you tend to feel so hungry for lunch that your decision making in terms of proper food choices is impaired. So lunch servings are generally less nutritious and higher in fat.
In a recent American Heart Association Convention on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology, it was assessed that the risk of breakfast eaters was 35% to 40% LOWER to develop obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol than non breakfast eaters.

Some recent articles have also highlighted the importance of having a healthy breakfast and eating healthily in general in order to maximise your performance at work. Those that eat breakfast are shown to have better concentration, better problem solving skills and better hand-eye co-ordination…The result: breakfast eaters are more alert, creative and less likely to get ill.

Try our quick & easy slow releasing energy breakfast recipe below that will keep you happy and satisfied throughout the morning… And don’t forget, Healthy Food = Healthy Mind = Healthy Career!

Banana & Apple Bircher Muesli
Slice 1 banana thinly. Roughly chop ½ apple into small bite size pieces. Mix with 40g of oats, 120g live natural yoghurt and 5 sultanas. Mix with some milk and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Serve as is (or for miserably cold mornings pop in the microwave for a couple of minutes). Yum.