Convenient, Tasty and Healthy

“When I was recently on tour in London I came across the Pure Package, a luxury food delivery service that offers pre prepared meals and snacks. ”

“Each morning I received a bag filled with three meals and two snacks that covered all my food needs for the day. The meals were healthy, nutritious and above all, they actually tasted good!’

As I am mainly based in America, coming over to the UK is always tricky, and I usually find myself falling back into bad habits, and stuffing my face with rubbish.”

The Pure Package allowed me to eat my five portions of fruit and vegetable each day and not have to worry about cooking. It is the ultimate in convenience for anyone who has a busy life or like me, who is busy AND lazy, but wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Many people have a misconception that healthy food has to be bland and boring, the Pure Package is a million miles away from this. I enjoyed dishes including Free-range Asian Pesto chicken with sugar snap peas and Oriental beef salad – lovely!”

I would recommend the Pure Package to anyone – convenient, tasty and healthy what more could you want.”

Gina Yashere, Award-Winning Comedian