Our New Gourmet Diet Delivery Food Pictures

As you might be able to tell, all of us who work at The Pure Package are mad about healthy eating and good food. Whether we’re writing about it in this blog, or preparing the dishes to go out to some of our fabulous clients, we love our food.

Recently, we’ve felt that some of the pictures of our gourmet diet delivery dishes weren’t doing them justice, so we commissioned a whole new batch of food photography to better show off what we do…

…and we’re thrilled to announce that they’re now ready!

All of our new food pictures are currently hosted on our Flickr profile, but we’ll show you some of our personal favourites here on the blog.

Delicious dark chocolate mousse snack with fresh raspberries

Tiger prawns with lemon and goats cheese risotto

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable frittata

Organic sesame salmon with a rice noodle salad

If you’ve enjoyed these pictures and would like to see more, just head over to our Flickr profile, where you can find lots more tasty gourmet diet delivery food pictures. Do you have a favourite from our new photoshoot? Drop us a comment below or tweet us and let us know!